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Arena Options
Reeve Court Retirement Village
Reeve Court Retirement Village in St Helens provides 174 apartments and 32 bungalows in a secure but independant environment.
Facilities include:
  • Restaurant Health & Fitness Suite
  • Shop
  • Hairdresser
  • Craft Room
  • Greenhouse
  • Village Hall
  • Café Bar
  • Workshop
  • IT Suite
Residents who require support in their own home are catered for by The ExtraCare Charitable Trust who offer a wide range of support packages.
Activities are arranged by the Activity coordinator, these include:
  • Day Trips
  • Holidays
  • BBQ’s
  • Fun Days
  • Show & Theatre Trips
  • And many more...
Resident and members of the local community can remain active by offering to volunteer, voluntary jobs including:
  • Receptionist
  • Shop Keeper
  • Bar Person
  • Restaurant Helper
  • Librarian

For further information you can contact Margaret Devine, Village Services Coordinator on 0151 493 2999.